Top Reasons Why You Have Blocked Drains & What to Do About it

Blocked drains tend to be nasty. They not only cause lots of convenience in your household but also are downright disgusting, full of bacteria, leading to several problems, such as bad odor and health issues for everyone. From external objects accidentally dropping down the trench to a build-up of grease, hair, and other mess, several reasons lead to your household to experience blocked drains. Understanding every blockage cause allows you to protect your household’s drainage system against it.

Hair Build-Up

A hair build-up will always block your drainage system. Most times, removing hair is an easy way to solve the problem. You can remove a small amount of hair with gloved hands so that it does not worsen. Also, be careful of cheap hair removal creams and gadgets that can make the problem severe. Make sure to remove the hair before it gets blocked into the entry of

the drain pipes.

Dirt & Plants

Natural debris, such as dirt, leaves, and shrubs, can often be problematic for water drains after autumn and spring. Regular garden maintenance not only will keep your outside area look great but also will ensure the productivity of your water drainage system, including pipes.

Grease Accumulation

Grease and fat accumulation in your sink is the primary reason for blocked drains. It happens when you wash any greasy or fatty substances down the basin, and it sticks to the inside of the pipe, causing a blockage to the point liquid passes through. The best way to prevent such types of situations is to avoid washing any fatty ingredients down the drain. The grease you wash down the drain hardens in the pipe. Therefore, instead of pouring wastage oil or kitchen grease into the sink, pour it into the plastic containers to discard them with your garbage.