How Much Does Drain Cleaning Cost in Sydney?

Drain cleaning might sound incredibly simple, yet it’s one task you should leave to the pros for several reasons–one being you don’t have enough experience and the right tools to pull it off. Instead of fixing the problem, you risk making matters much worse. But, how much would you have to spend on expert drain cleaning Sydney? Also, how do you know when it’s time to get it done?

Professional Drain Cleaning in Sydney

When your drains are blocked, who do you call for help?

Most of the time, people would rather fix the issue themselves than get professional assistance. We have this mindset that it’s better to get our hands dirty than to spend money. It may work sometimes, especially when your drain problem is minor. For example, a toy might have been dislodged in your kitchen drain, or you’re able to fix the issue with a toilet plunger.

However, there are times when these attempts are futile due to a bigger root of the problem that we don’t know how to assess and how to fix. When that time comes, we can get assistance from professional plumbers in Sydney.

There are experts on drain cleaning Sydney that specifically work on cleaning drains, pipes, and sewers as well as pipe relining services. Compared to general plumbing experts, these professionals focus on such issues. This only means they have years of experience in the field and the right equipment to tackle any probable clogged drain causes.

There’s one thing you should remember: only a licensed plumber or drainer can carry out this kind of work. It’s also best to check with your state whether drainage requires a separate licence or a specific kind of training.

How Much Does it Cost?

Now, here’s the dreaded question: how much does professional drain cleaning cost in a big city like Sydney?

The labour fees change from place to place, business to business, so saying the exact figures can be tough. Nevertheless, the general cost for drain cleaning Sydney ranges from $99 to $135–and this is often a per-hour charge, so expect to spend a couple of hundreds or so to get your drain cleaned.

In some cities like Melbourne, the rates are much lower, starting from $80 to $87, but that may be because Sydney is bigger than Melbourne.

Moreover, the kind of work you need them to do may also affect the fees you will pay. For example, the price range of $99 to $135 is often for a simple drain cleaning solution. But if they find a faulty pipe and need to replace it, you’ll likely have to spend more, perhaps a thousand Australian dollars or so, based on the severity of the problem.

To better prepare your budget, you can ask for a free quote from the companies you have in mind. This also allows you to properly choose the company you’ll work with.

How to Know if You Need Drain Cleaning

So, when do you know you need drain cleaning? We can’t exactly just peer into our drains and see that they are dirty, so, are there any telltale signs that we need to look out for?

More often, we know we need help when it’s a little too late and our drains are clogged due to accumulated debris. But that’s the primary sign you need help with drain cleaning Sydney. You also tend to hear strange sounds from your pipes, which resemble gurgling, or you will start smelling foul odour from the rotting waste in your clogged pipes.

Once you see, hear, or smell these signs in your home, call an expert as soon as you can to make sure things don’t get messier than they already are.