4 Septic Tank Brands – An Overview That Helps

If you are looking to install a septic tank underground sewage system in your home, then you should check out a few of the top brands before you make your decision. While some are for small residential use, some are made for agricultural specifications, and offer a larger capacity, and more sturdy construction. Then you also get others that are made for business premises use and more. The main aim when you are researching the top companies that manufacture septic tanks is to find out what kind of tank system you need for your home, farm, or ranch and then take it from there. Just for a quick introduction, here are 4 of the best brands that you can start looking at.Alpha GeneralThis is a high quality product that has been designed to perfection and offers a specially created underground installation product. It is well recognize in the plumbing industry for its superior design. These septic tanks are not only stress engineered so that they withstand a rigorous amount of pressure, but they follow the pattern that is generally used in fiberglass tanks and are considered one of the best fiberglass tank systems in the country.What makes these tanks so unique is that they are environmentally friendly and conform to various health and safety standards. They are lightweight despite being able to hold up to 2200 gallons and are also cost effective. These septic tanks are easy to handle and install and feature integral rib construction.Little GiantAnother top brand is Little Giant, a company that is part of the Franklin Electric Group. They have been around since 1944. Their main feature is that they offer reliable performance and promise to deliver and manufacture products that are not only of high quality, but that are also readily available and innovative with easy pipe adjustments and a heavy duty grinder.You will experience good service and low electric costs with this septic tank and although it offers low pressure, it easily pumps uphill and downhill. The common inflow and infiltration problems that you often get with septic tanks are negated with Little Giant, as the tanks feature a dual seal fiberglass cover. This means that the tanks are cleaner and safer than others and they don’t disrupt the landscape when being installed like some systems do. They are very low maintenance.NorwescoNorwesco is the third largest manufacturer in the country and offers a variety of septic tank models that can hold between 900 and 1500 gallons. These tanks are FDA approved and are made from durable polyethylene. The company was originally known as Northwest Plastics until 1973 and is now ranked as one of the top 10 septic tank manufacturers in the country.The tanks boast water tight lids and are pre-plumbed so very easy to use and install. They also offer a three year warranty to give you the peace of mind and ensure you of their outstanding quality product.SalinaSalina has been operating since 1913 making it one of the oldest septic tank manufacturers in the country. They provide 2 concrete septic tank models that hold 1000 gallons and 1500 gallons. They are steel reinforced and weigh between 7360 and 13000 pounds, which makes them quite heavy. They are however, delivered quickly to your site and feature an air gap and top opening hatch.These top 4 models provide just a brief overview of the different types of septic tank companies and brands that you can choose from.