Great Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Remodel 

Remodelling any part of the house is an exciting task, although it can be exhausting as well. Remodelling your bathroom may be for functional or aesthetic purposes or both. Is your existing bathroom not sparking joy in you whenever you enter it to do your business? Then it is high time to look for design inspirations to make into reality in your own bathroom so that you can reclaim your peace and relaxation in your bathroom. Take a look at these design ideas, and maybe you can pick some inspiration from them.

Add a tub

If you have an existing tub, you may refinish it or buy a new freestanding bath to make the bathroom more elegant. A freestanding tub offers a sophisticated yet functional look, and you don’t have to update your plumbing or the floor or the wall for this type. If you have ample space in your bathroom for a new tub – if you don’t already have one – getting one will make your baths more relaxing and calming.

Change the flooring

Do you have old and worn tiles that you need to replace? Then now is the time to replace them. If you have a small budget, tile only the shower area. You can also add random coloured tiles in the bathroom to provide a pop of colour in the overall scheme.

Replace the lighting

Proper lighting creates a relaxing ambience in the bathroom. Choose a subdued hue to contribute to the room’s overall relaxing look. Place wall sconces on the sides of your mirror so that you can do your makeup correctly. Consider installing a chandelier too. Chandeliers are not only for living rooms, but they can also be suitable for bathrooms. Imagine soaking in a warm bath in your tub and looking up at a perfect chandelier.

Add cabinets

Cabinets are not only for storing things, such as medicines, towels, soaps, and toilet paper, but they also serve as accents in a bathroom. Dark wood cabinets provide contrast to a clean and white bathroom. You can repaint your existing cabinets or add a couple more.

Go for a rainfall shower

A big shower head that gives you rainfall-like showers is the in thing in bathroom designs these days. You may or may not have to replace your shower plumbing for this task; it is wise to consult a plumber so that you can be sure you will have enough water trickling down your body during showers.

Wall accents

Don’t leave the walls bare; shop for frames with beautiful pictures and place them on your bathroom walls. If you are an artsy type, you can make your own paintings for your bathroom, no matter how simple they are.


Believe it or not, you can place a small cushioned seat in your bathroom as an accent and as a functional piece if you have enough space in your bathroom.

Always go with a reputable plumber when remodelling your bathroom. You can DIY some aspects of the job, such as installing cabinets, but something as complicated as the plumbing should be the work of experts.