Kids love party tent: why

The organization of meetings or exhibitions is now easy with the reception tents. These are actually modular structures that can be transported without difficulty and can be installed on many terrains. With the competition present in the supply of this material, it is important to make the judicious choices not to acquire a tent unsuitable for its needs. What are the models that are found in the trade?

Different varieties of party tents

The renting a reception tent requires a good knowledge of different types that are offered on the market. There are three models of tents namely:

The folding party tent which is simple and only offers sun protection to its users.

The capitals which consist of three closed side parts acting as walls and a sufficiently large main entrance. They are sometimes equipped with gears to increase their aesthetics.

The tent which has a large capacity and has side light openings. It is therefore the preferred option in case of large number of guests.

Tips for taking a party tent

Acquiring a party tent requires consideration of some important criteria. It is:

Size: There is an important factor that must be considered. The reception tent must allow the guests to be comfortable and safe. An individual needs, for example, about 1.2 m² in a sitting position. In practice, a 5 x 8 m tent can accommodate up to 80 people standing. When calculating the required size, extra spaces must be taken into account.

The structure of the american tent is also important. The pillars are often made of steel or aluminum. The tarpaulin is made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride, or polyethylene. This set of materials makes it possible to have sturdy and resistant tents.

Ease of assembly. This factor depends on the structure of the tent, and the ground on which the installation will be done.