Should you place your sofa next to the wall?

You can achieve a whole new look for your living room simply by rearranging the furniture. If you are planning on moving home shortly a great time to think about having a new room layout is after the conveyancing solicitors Manchester company such as have confirmed completion on your new home.

When thinking about where to place certain items in your living space it can be tempting to put the sofa against the wall, but some interior designers say this is a mistake. So, where should you place your sofa?

Space constraints

If your living room is small, then you probably don’t have a lot of choice about where to place your sofa, as it could make a small room look cramped anywhere else than next to the wall. However, with open-plan rooms or living room/dining rooms, you can play around with the room layout.

Acting as a divider

You could use your sofa to create a more cosy, intimate environment by putting two sofas together at right angles. This creates the right distance for talking or watching TV together. You can also place sofas opposite each other with a coffee table in between, which is perfect for chatting together or playing board games. The sofa can also be used to separate a large room by placing it near the middle of the room, facing away from the dining area. This can create a separate dining and living area in one open-plan room.

Complete transformation

Once you start moving your furniture around, you may find that your floor needs attention too. Tiled or wooden floors may need scratches or chips removing. If your floor is past its best, now would be a good time to think about investing in a new floor. Wooden flooring is hard-wearing and looks good in every room.

Before you begin

Think about how the room is usually used. Where do people congregate? Is the room mostly used for watching TV, chatting or playing family games? You could also make a sketch of your room before shifting any heavy furniture around. You may also want to rearrange the sofas so they are close to a lovely open fire or by a bay window to enjoy the views, for example. If you move your sofas away from the wall, make sure that there is enough room for people to walk behind them. The placement of your sofa depends on the overall layout but with careful planning, your new-look room will really work wonders for your home.