Quartz Countertops On A Budget: Tips From The Great Depression

Do you have a renovation project for your kitchen? Will you choose a quartz kitchen countertop or a granite countertop? The counter is one of the centerpieces of your kitchen. At first glance, your guests will of course notice your kitchen cabinets, but also your counter.

Granite countertops a noble and durable material

Granite has been used for a long time and it has proven itself. It is a sure bet. Sure, some colors can look dated after a decade, but you usually can’t go wrong with granite. Consider it as your long term investment. Keep in mind that this type of counter almost always helps sell homes.

Granite offers the beauty of a natural stone. Unlike quartz, granite countertops are not the result of factory production. Granite is natural and offers unique patterns and textures; which allows you to really customize the look of your kitchen.

Bedrock quartz kitchen counters

The bedrock quartz kitchen counter is made of dark colorstone reconstituted with a resin. Quartz countertops are similar in appearance and performance to granite. Contrary to what you may think about Stone Countertops, bedrock quartz is a cocoa or deep brown colorproduct than it first appears.

Quartz kitchen counters require little maintenance and offer a multitude of colors

Unlike granite, quartz does not need a lot of maintenance. No sealant is needed. On the other hand, it is more sensitive to heat. You will not be able to place very hot dishes directly on a quartz counter.

As for the colors that you can get with a quartz surface, there are many and unlike granite it is not veined. The coloring of quartz is therefore more regular. As this is a machined product, it is available in a wider range of colors. This is probably one of the great strengths of quartz.

The appearance of granite countertops versus that of quartz countertops

Both types have their strong point. Granite exhibits slight natural variations in the color of the stone. Colors range from earth tones to shades of blue, green and pink.

On the other hand, the color of quartz is more consistent and as it is mentioned above, quartz is offered in a wider range of color choices as they are produced with color pigments which are added during the design.