How To Add Wood Paneling To Walls

Wood paneling can be a beautiful and practical addition to any home. But maybe it’s a job you don’t feel too comfortable about doing yourself and you shouldn’t have to pay a contractor the big bucks to perform a task that is pretty simple and straightforward to accomplish.

For those of you who can take on the toughest DIY jobs, the following steps will allow you to put up your own wood paneling. Otherwise, you may want to find a good handyman to do the work at your local handyman service chesterfield.

Step One

You’re going to start by cutting your panels. You will need to do this at about one quarter inch shorter than the length of the wall between the floor and the ceiling.

Step Two

Attaching the panel will need to be done by applying adhesive along the framing. This should be a done in a zig-zagging or wavy pattern so that you can cover enough of the surface on which you are adding the adhesive and the panel won’t begin to fall away from the wall.

From there, grab some finishing nails and pierce them through the panel along the upper edge. Four or five should suffice.

Step Three

Place the panel against the wall with about one quarter inch of space left along the bottom. Gently hammer the tips of those finishing nails into the wall, without driving them in all the way. After you do that, withdraw the lower edge of the panel a good four to six inches back away from the wall and wedge a block in between so that the panel stays in position.

Step Four

Prep the adhesive so that it is ready for application. When it’s ready to stick, take the block out from behind it and press the panel firmly against the wall. Get a rubber mallet or some other soft, padded tool to strike the panel so that the adhesive is firmly affixed to the wall.

Remember those nails you partially hammered in along the top? You can now finish the task and drive those into the wall completely. Grab a few more nails and hammer in another three to four more along the bottom edge of the panel.

You might also want to add more nails along the grooves in areas where there are wall studs.

Step Five

Conceal the heads of the nails you just hammered into the wall.

Step Six

Add molding to that quarter inch gap you left open when you applied the panel to the wall.

Now take a look at the first panel you just attached to the wall. Looks pretty good, I bet. Now take another panel and do each of these steps all over again with the next one. You’ll continue to add panels until you have covered the wall.

You may find that you come across electrical outlets, switch plates or boxes that will need to be accommodated. Simply make cutouts where need be by measuring the size and the location in the panel. When ready, use a saber saw to make a clean cutout.