Granite, Quartz, Wood and Stainless Steel Countertops: Which One Will Suit Your Kitchen?

When designing your kitchen, there are some points you have to take into consideration, such as your budget, the design, the materials you want for your cabinets, sink, countertop, etc. One of the things that you have to plan carefully is the countertop – the size and the material are two vital points in designing your kitchen counter. Kitchen countertops are available in different materials: granite, quartz, wood and metal, among others. Now the question is, which one of these will be suitable for your kitchen? Let’s break down each one.


If you are in search of quartz worktops, London manufacturers can supply you with a wide variety of options – from size and colour to design. Quartz counters – unlike granite and marble which are natural stones – are actually half-natural, half-synthetic. Manufacturers use resin to strengthen natural quartz and make it durable for everyday use in the kitchen. And since it is half-synthetic, it is easily customisable. It is also antibacterial, which is perfect for households with small children.


Unlike quartz, granite is a natural material. This is also the reason why there are not many design options for granite, because the countertops come as they are. It is a very durable material, heat resistant and easy to clean. However, it is also very heavy and costly. Used as a kitchen worktop, it is very durable and can take everyday use and abuse without exhibiting noticeable damage. But with neglect and improper care, it can also show signs of wear and damage.


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to granite and quartz, a hardwood countertop is your best bet. It provides a great contemporary look, and can also last for years, although it is not as durable as the first two materials mentioned. There is a wide range of finishes and colours so that you can choose the right one for your kitchen. It needs at least a twice-yearly maintenance if you want it to remain immaculate.

Stainless steel

If you are aiming for a modern and industrial-looking kitchen, you can go for a stainless steel worktop. Stainless steel is the choice among industrial settings, as it is more sanitary and easier to maintain than other materials. It is very strong yet lightweight, naturally antibacterial and resistant to heat and acid. These characteristics alone should convince you to go for it. If you want fuss-free maintenance, stainless steel is the way to go. It will lend a look and feel of being in an industrial kitchen.

How the worktop will look in your kitchen is not the only thing that you have to keep in mind. More than that is how you are planning to use it. Is your kitchen for serious cooking or entertaining guests only? How you address these things will also help you determine the type of countertop that will suit your needs. Consult a kitchen expert on the best countertop material for you, so you can take full advantage of it when it arrives at your house.