How to Best Choose the Perfect Shade Sail For Your Outdoor Space

If there is one thing that is important when deciding to buy a shade sail, it is to take measurements for its positioning. It is not easy to understand how to place a shade sail, especially when the space is limited or the measurements do not correspond to the available standards on the market. This usually leads to frustration on the part of the customer, who in some cases gives up and decides that shade sail is not the right product for him or her. This is a big mistake! It is very important to have protection in your outdoor space that allows you to spend time outside, even when the weather conditions are not ideal. Of course, this does not only mean rain, but also when the sun becomes too intense too. So, to solve the problem of dimensions, the best solution is to use shade sail posts, which give anyone the possibility to put up a tent, even when it is not attached to all walls.

In this article you will find some advice on how best to choose and position your shade sail.


The first thing to consider when deciding to make a purchase, is to determine in advance what your main needs are. Once this has been established, everything will be easier and you will be able to choose one of the most suitable models for you very quickly. There are in fact numerous types of shade sails, including waterproof ones that can protect you not only from the sun, but also from the rain. These are ideal for those spring and autumn days, when the weather changes rapidly. It is also necessary to make a distinction between shade sails that can be removed and those that are fixed and become part of the furniture. The first type, in particular, is suitable for those who do not want to buy a product that is too bulky, and would therefore prefer to use their shade sail only at certain specific times.


Many people do not know that buying a shade sail does not only mean buying a piece of fabric, but there are also accessories that are necessary in order to support its structure. For example, when the weather is particularly windy and the climatic conditions are adverse, it is useful to have a special tool that allows the shade sail to be fixed even more securely. There are fastenings, which are perfect for reinforcing the structure of the shade sail, but hooks can also be of great utility. The latter can also be helpful for adjusting the inclination of the shade sail in the summer, so that it is able to follow the movement of the sun and you do not have to get burnt by the powerful sun rays.


If you really can’t find anything among the different options in the catalogue, don’t worry because there is another solution for you: a customised sail shade. By going to the official Maanta website, you can choose the size, type and shape of your product and actually create a shade sail to suit all your needs.