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Being in a heat without air conditioning is the worst nightmare of an office worker.And although these devices today are very, very reliable, they do not always manage to “survive” without the consequences of the installers’ deficiencies or violation of user regulations. What problems are typical for modern split-systems?

If a friend broke suddenly

There are many reasons why the source of coolness in your office can mess up. Let us analyze the most common “problems” of air conditioners, AC Repair Phoenix Company is engaged in professional repair of air conditioners of such brands.

Refrigerant leak

Even with the most ideal installation of the most expensive and high-quality air conditioner freon leakage will be quite a natural phenomenon.

They are due to the presence of the connections of the tubes of the freon-containing circuit with the external and internal blocks, as well as the method of these connections.

In case of poor-quality installation, refrigerant leaks are possible, significantly exceeding the normalized ones. In this case, violations in the air conditioner may occur within a few months.

Defect manifestations:

  • The air blown out by the air has become warmer than usual.
  • Noticed the appearance of ice and frost on the refrigerant circuit valve at the outdoor unit
  • In addition to its main function, freon performs one more: it provides cooling of the air conditioning compressor.
  • In addition, along with freon in the refrigeration circuit oil circulates to lubricate this unit. Of course, when freon leaks, the volume of this oil also decreases.
  • Thus, the failure to timely refill the refrigerant circuit leads to jamming of the compressor and its subsequent failure.

One of the filters is clogged.

Sooner or later, coarse and fine filters in the air conditioner become clogged with airborne dust. In order to restore the operability of these elements, the user only needs to rinse them with warm water or replace them if disposable filters are used.

Defect manifestation:

The air conditioner began to cool the air worse.

After turning off the device from the indoor unit begins to drip water. This effect is due to frosting of the evaporator, which, due to the presence of dust on the filter, has ceased to be blown by a sufficient amount of warm air.

After turning off the ice begins to melt, acting in the form of moisture in the room.

Drainage system clogged

If only a coarse filter is installed in the air conditioner, a certain amount of fine dust gets into the indoor unit and settles on the evaporator radiator.

The resulting condensate washes away this dirt into the drainage system, which because of these clogs with time. In this case, the air conditioner needs service.

Defect manifestation:

During operation, a large amount of water flows from the indoor unit.

The appearance of mold in the indoor unit

The presence of dust and condensate inside the air conditioner provides a comfortable habitat for mold and other microorganisms. Cleaning and antiseptic treatment of the indoor unit will help to get rid of them.