8 Common Problems In An Air Conditioning Unit

During summers, air conditioning has become a necessity nowadays. Every house or workplace is well equipped with air conditioners in bulks. It has turned into a necessity rather than a luxury. Also, air conditioners, being machinery, need repairs and maintenance on a regular basis for smooth functioning. However, there are few basic problems that impact the functioning of your air conditioner unit. Following are a few such problems:

  1. Problems due to filter: One of the most common types of problems occurs when the filter gets loaded with dirt and filth. Most air conditioners stop working due to clogged and dirty air filters. One always needs to keep a check on air filters in order to see if it needs to be replaced with new or get cleaned.
  2. Problems due to thermostats: Another problem frequently faced by air conditioner users is the improper functioning of the thermostat. The thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature setting in the room or space. You should always look for thermostat settings, insidious cleaning etc. to keep your air conditioner functioning smoothly.
  3. Problems due to refrigerant: Refrigerant basically is a chemical mixture that is responsible for cooling the air conditioner unit by changing its basic form from liquid to gaseous. If this coolant starts leaking inside the cabin, the whole AC unit will stop working properly. Thus, the user shall always keep a check on refrigerant clogging and cleanings for good performance.
  4. Problems due to Fuses and breakers: Another type of issue that prevails in air conditioners is breaking down fuses and breakers that safeguard the AC unit from overheating. Broken fuses and breakers directly stop the functioning of the air conditioner unit. This would require a replacement with a new one once broken.
  5. Problems due to Capacitors: Capacitors are fixed into motors for providing power to the compressor and fans. Without capacitors, the compressor and cooling fans won’t function. So, what are the common symptoms of a bad AC capacitor? The air conditioner with a faulty capacitor takes some time to start a cooling cycle once you switch on and the system shuts off at random. There may be a humming sound, smoke or a burning smell from exterior air conditioning parts.
  6. Problems due to coils: Evaporator coils work to absorb heat in the duct tubes and send back the cool air in the cabinet. These coils get rusted and need to be replaced with new ones on a regular basis for smooth functioning.
  7. Problems due to condenser coils: Condenser coils are located outside, thus, these become dirty and non-functional due to outside elements. These require regular cleaning and maintenance for proper functioning. If these get very dirty, you might need to get them cleaned with chemicals or get new ones.
  8. Problems due to compressors: Compressors are one of the most important parts of the AC system. If the compressor stops working, the air conditioner will stop cooling down your room. Also if the refrigerant isn’t sufficient, the compressor gets overheated and ultimately stops functioning. Compressors too need separate care like the whole unit or may be replaced if they get jammed.

These were the few problematic areas for air conditioner units that might be faced frequently by users. But, these damaged parts will cost you many bucks, so regular upkeep of these is very necessary if you don’t want to invest directly in a new one all along. Thus, proper and regular maintenance would help these parts last longer and even help the user cut on to expensive repairing costs. These routine activities can either be undertaken by users or special technicians.