How To Keep Carpets And Rugs In Good Shape

The best and most effective way to keep carpets clean is by having them professionally cared for by beaufort carpet cleaners who have powerful equipment to give them the proper deep cleaning necessary.

But since this sort of thing is only needed every once or twice a year, what about the rest of the time? Sure, if you live in a home that has an excessive amount of foot traffic from multiple individuals living under one roof, perhaps even children and pets as well, you may need to get that professional cleaner into the house every six months.

That still leaves long gaps of time in between cleanings. So if you want to keep your carpets and rugs in good shape, there must be some other actions you should take in order to have them looking and smelling their best.

You better believe it. The last thing you want to do is rely on that visit from your professional carpet cleaner once or twice a year to be the only care and maintenance you provide to your expensive floor coverings. That will most undoubtedly result in stains marring the look of your rugs and carpets, possibly for the long-term, not to mention all the dirt, bacteria, and contaminants that will accumulate in that time. So here are some useful tips for protecting your carpet in the meantime:

Tend to Messes Quickly

The second something spills on your carpet, no matter what it is, you need to pick it up ASAP. If you do not, you are running the risk of a stain setting into the surface of the fibers and staying there for good. You’re also giving those accidents more time to soak in and lock in odors.

Act fast and you’ll reduce the risk of your carpet becoming permanently damaged.

Scheduled Vacuuming

How often you do this can be dependent on the level of foot traffic that travels over the rugs or carpeting on a weekly basis. But the general rule of thumb here is to vacuum your floor coverings at least once a week. Pick a day and stick with it, being sure to do a thorough vacuuming of the carpets and rugs every time.

Most of the grime and bacteria that can into the carpet is removable with a vacuum cleaner. Performing the work on a regular, weekly (or twice-weekly) basis ensures that you’re not letting those germs and dirt particles from becoming slowly ground into the fibers and falling to the backing material below. The longer you go between vacuumings combined with repeated foot traffic over and over can really drive those items into your carpet.

If enough dirt particles get in there, you can actually start to damage the fibers themselves with the sharp edges of that particulate cutting into them. If that happens and there’s enough damage, you’ll start to see dark spots that you will never be able to lift.

The carpet will always look dirty no matter how much deep cleaning you do to it.