Do You Know What Is Present In the Vape Cartridge?

Many people are nowadays trying to get rid of their smoking habits as smoking addiction can cause several health problems that people are no more ready to live with. Now smoking is increasingly getting replaced with vaping and since CBD has become very popular these days and hence CBD vaping is also getting a lot of acceptance.

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Vape cartridge

A vape cartridge is a vessel that is meant for carrying the extracts of cannabis or CBD, which is available in many different quality and standards. There can be both low and high-quality vape cartridges.

Most low-quality vape cartridges are made by using plastic materials and terpenes that can easily penetrate plastic, which can potentially leach chemicals out of the oil. A few low-quality cartridges can also be having ill-fitting O-rings that can leak.

Cartridges have pre-moistened wicks that are primed with propylene glycol or glycerin that may cause a certain allergic reaction in many people.

Low-quality cartridges may often get rejected by their customers and may face higher customer returns if there is any return policy available. Most customers may get frustrated with such cartridges due to their lackluster performance.

Any good quality cartridges will have the following attributes:

  • They are made by using premium materials like metal, glass, or ceramic.
  • They usually have properly-sized O-rings.
  • They have sealed joints that will prevent contact between the cartridge content and the air.

Therefore, you need to select your cartridges very wisely and always check the quality of your cartridge. Any low-cost cartridge may not necessarily be better for your use, and it should alert any customer that all the contents present inside will be of poor-quality.

Contents within typical CBD vape cartridges:

  1. Cannabis-derived terpenes

If the contents are full-spectrum CBD, then all the products made with such terpenes may contain a very high percentage of monoterpenes, which have not been either oxidized or are degraded by heat application.

  1. Steam-distilled terpenes

It will have a softer taste than the extracted terpenes, which have been isolated by not utilizing heat, and many steam-distilled terpenes may get lost in the water that is used for producing steam.

  1. Hydrosols

Usually, hydrosols are known as a byproduct of low-heat distillations and steam distillation. They are called floral waters and contain only a few percentages of the actual terpenes.

  1. Non-cannabis terpenes

Terpenes are sourced from fruits, plant leaves, or some other organic sources, instead of cannabis. It will be almost impossible to recreate all the flavor or of the original terpenes made from non-cannabis plants, however, an approximation can be obtained.

  1. Artificial flavors

The artificial flavors that you may find in cannabis cartridges are generally sourced from the industry of e-cigarette. There can be many different kinds of flavors.

  1. High-terpene full-spectrum extract

They are made from hydrocarbon extraction, and nowadays these products are produced from pressed resin. They are also called sauce that has a very high terpene content that is aromatic and flavorful.