5 Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

Corner of modern bathroom with white and wooden walls, concrete floor, comfortable white bathtub with water and round sink standing on stone countertop. 3d rendering

Trends come and go, and if you are looking to remodel your bathroom, 2019 has seen some interesting trends. You can remodel your dingy bathroom and make it into the oasis that you’ve always wanted with awesome design elements. While your bathroom serves a functional purpose, it doesn’t have to be dull and boring. With just a few of 2019’s hottest trends, you can make your bathroom come to life and make a statement that says WOW. Here are some of 2019’s top bathroom remodel and design trends.

1. Neutral Palette

Color scheme can make a world of difference when it comes to bathroom remodel. In 2019, neutral palette is a hit. While neutrals can make for a great traditional feel, it can be used in a way that makes our bathroom feel modern. Neutral colors help to create a space that feels calm and look clean. Colors such as soft creams, crisp white, cloudy gray and different shades of beige can help to create such a space. It’s important to know how to layer different neutral shades to prevent ending up with a look that is flat. Consistently using a neutral color or material throughout the space can help to achieve a modern feel, while incorporating geometric shapes and graphic elements in your design can create a more traditional look.

2. Smart Bathrooms

Just like in kitchen design trends, new bathroom technology is in, making it possible to create smart bathrooms in the here and now. Incorporating technology into your bathroom space can provide a new level of convenience that you’ve never experienced before. One of the benefits of having a smart bathroom is the convenience it provides through customization and automation. Technological features such as intelligent toilet that is motion-activated, boasts hands-free seat opening and closing and has adjustable seat heating, is all a part of the charm. You can give your bathroom a high-tech upgrade that provides comfort, cleans and awesome design elements.

3. Brass and Gold

Vintage is making a comeback in 2019, and you can get on board the brass and gold train. Gold and brass fixtures, such as sinks, towel racks and showerheads are common design elements that help to create a vintage allure. These elements are also seen in bathroom decor, from mirrors to soap tray. Focus on using warm toned gold and brass to not seem dated but luxurious with depth and dimension. Warmer gold and brass tones make for great accent pieces and are offered in a number of finishes that include matte and satin.

4. Matte Black Accents

Black as a bathroom accent can create a ‘wow factor’ and transform your bathroom into a sophisticated and sleek space. Whether it’s a stylish matte, black showerhead, faucet or vanity, it makes a statement behind a light backdrop. The trend is to go all black, which can be seen as severe, but if you work with textural elements, warm metals and glinting colors, black can quickly grow on you when you see the glamorous finish.

5. Natural Wood

Wood is making its way into many bathrooms in 2019. It is a great way to warm up a space that has hard, cold surfaces, while adding a traditional feel to the space. Regardless of style and aesthetics, wood can add texture, layers, flair, dimension and create an overall more inviting bathroom atmosphere. Darker timbers with vintage stain can revitalize a bathroom when it is plain white. Wood-look porcelain tiles with a textural finish, for example, are effective as a tactile element. When it comes to colors like blue, white, green and darker hues, different shades of wood can compliment these. Pairing wood with vintage and industrial trends is another way to work wood into your bathroom design as well. For wood bathroom storage ideas, expert cabinet services professional can help you with that.

These 2019 bathroom trends are bold, and some are just simply innovative. Whatever your style sensibilities and aesthetics, if you are looking to make a statement with your bathroom, these trends pack enough punch to blow anyone away when done right. What are you waiting for? Start planning your bathroom remodeling project right now and be sure to incorporate any one of these 2019 trends.