Transform Your Living Space with these Simple Interior Decorating Tips

When it comes to transforming your living space, you have creative design options out there that can suit your aesthetic and personality. With simple interior design tips, you can spice up your living space and give it a completely new feel and look. Whether you are interested in a simple design that is budget-friendly, or something more upscale, a little can go a long way to make a lasting and impactful statement. It’s not always about how many different elements you add, it’s about that one or two special pieces. Take a look at these simple interior design tips that you can use to enhance your living space.


1. Try Softer, Lighter Colors Make Room Feel Bigger

If your living space is on the smaller size, a change in color can make the space appear bigger than it actually is. Light colored walls can help to maximize a space that feels cramped by reflecting the natural light that enters through the windows or a sunroof. It’s all about optical illusion and clever contrasts when trying to make a space feel open and airy using paint color. The best paint colors are soft tones of off-white, light taupe, blush pink, coral gray, crisp greige, sun-kissed yellow, and cool blue. One technique to consider is using a lighter color for your wall moldings and trim to make your living space bigger by giving the illusion that the wall if farther back than it is in reality.


2. Add Instant Light With Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are not just nice decorative elements to have in a living space. They can make a room brighter by adding instant light by reflecting natural light from a window that is opposite the mirror. If your living space is somewhat dark and gets limited amount of natural light, this is a simple, yet effective way to add instant illumination to your space. If you have a blank wall, you can use mirrors to not only create visual aesthetics, but to act as a source of light.


3. Mix and Match Design Element

Most notable interior designers would probably tell you that being matchy, matchy when decorating your living space is a bit outdated and not particularly appealing. How about you mix things up? Different textures, patterns, antique, modern, high-end and inexpensive design elements can be paired together the right way to make a statement or create a focal point. It’s a great way to show your personality and style in your design. If you like a vintage couch next to a modern lamp, go for it. If you want to tell a story, design your space as such. Have fun with colors and different textured fabrics when it comes to throw pillows and rugs. Simply make it you.


4. Go Green

Even the most high-end interior design scheme can benefit from going green. It’s possible to have luxury and be eco-friendly at the same time. One of the easiest elements to incorporate into your living space design are plants; large potted plants make for an ideal accessory design element that can enhance the mood and feel of a space with texture, dimension, warmth and color. Bare space and the corners of a living space can be the focal points for potted plants. Consider plants such as philodendron and majesty palm, for example, for floor placement, and English ivy and dracaena for shelf decor.


5. Soften Hard-surface Floors with Area Rugs

Whether your floor is concrete, hardwood or tile, softening any of those surfaces can enhance the beauty of a living space. Hard-surface floors not only tend to be cold, but on top of being hard, they are loud. Add a finishing touch to your living space with an area rug that adds warmth and comfort, but also complement your furnishings.


It can be a simple task to transform your living space and make it into something beautiful and inspiring. If you are willing to be adventurous and try new design elements and techniques when decorating, you can achieve just that. With these five simple interior decorating tips, you can begin enhancing your living space and create a room that is worth spending time in.