Materials to Choose When It Comes to Furnishing the Floors of Your House

Discover the different options of floor tiles that are available in the market before deciding on the final look you want for the floors of your house.

There were times when people used to make homes out of stony caves. Then came the use of clay, bricks, woods, and mosaics. As the building technology improved, new materials such as ceramic tiles and stoneware became the most popular option for furnishing the floors. Today, the trend is to use floor tiles that can create the impression of other traditional materials such as woods, concretes, stones or such; while also offering the easy maintenance and the longevity of porcelain stoneware slates.

Traditional Floor Furnishing Options

Floors are the base of any structure, and therefore, require to be rugged, comfortable to walk-on, and easy-to-clean. Floor furnishing is also an expensive affair, so the materials you use needs to last for a long time.

Over the years, the most commonly used floor materials were:

Soil or Clay

Bricks and Concrete

Mosaics and Marbles

Woods and Stones

Porcelain Stoneware Floor Tiles

Refin porcelain stoneware has a 0.2% water absorption rate. Effectively, it means that the tiles are frost-proof, watertight, resistant to abrasions, etc. Moreover, they are also resistant to a sudden change in temperature and can be cleaned easily with any detergent. Having so many different qualities in one material, Refin stoneware tiles are also very versatile and can be used to furnish the floors of any of your interior settings including kitchen and bathroom floors.

Nevertheless, the most important factor of domestic floor tiles is their aesthetic appeal. After all, you want your house to be pleasant and welcoming to live in, while also showcasing the personal taste and style of the owner. Having considered this, Refin Tiles are made to inspire and rouse the same feelings of other traditional materials. Their most popular styles include:

Wood-look porcelain stoneware

Brick-look stoneware tiles

Travertine-look stoneware tiles

Stone-look stoneware tiles

Terracotta-look stoneware tiles

Marble-look stoneware tiles

Slate-look stoneware tiles