4 Myths to Ignore While Choosing Wooden Floorings

Wooden Floorings are initially used for structural reasons which you can evidently see in those old government buildings of British age. Timber was easily available then and was proven for its strength which is the reason it was used for construction in those days. Recently, it became used purely for its aesthetic and the rich looks it gives. In this article, you will find out some strange facts about Wooden Flooring and where you can get this Wooden Flooring in Coimbatore at an affordable price.Some of the facts may change your perception for good. Read on.

Myth#1: Wooden Flooring is costly! Wooden Flooring may seem costly at the first sight. But good quality wooden floors lasts for decades. And that means lasting for few generations altogether. Compare that with even the finest quality of carpet floors. You will have to change the carpets every 5 years, no matter what. If you consider the outstanding life that a Wooden Flooring offers, that is never a costly option at all. With advancements in technology (thanks to the modern production methods)it enables us to manufacture some types of wooden flooringsthat are very cheap making wood floors available to people of all budgets. Myth#2: Not much options on Colour or Texture! People often dismiss the idea of a Wooden Flooring assuming that there are not much design options to choose that suits their home. This isn’t true. If you get a chance to walk-in to the BeautyWares showroom in Coimbatore you will find an amazing range of choices that no other store can ever think of matching. You would only wonder if there are so many colour options with Wood Flooring. If you are looking for Wooden Flooring in Coimbatore, just visit our gallery section for an idea. Myth#3: Wooden Floorings are ‘old fashioned’ It might be hard for you to believe that the wooden flooring still tops the charts when it comes to flooring options. Contemporary architecture designs and the trends are now inclined wooden-textured laminated flooring. Recently CNBC TV 18 & Realty Plus awarded Junckers, (one of Denmark’s leading brand) as India’s most powerful brand in the solid wood flooring category at the Power Building Brands Awards 2016. Wooden Flooring in India has gone to great heights. This is enough to prove that Wooden Floorings are trendy in the current market and certainly not old fashioned. Myth#4: All Woods are ‘equal’ Not all woods are made equal. They come in different colours, textures and quality. Ash – Beech – Cherry – Jatoba – Mahogany – Merbau – Rhodesian teak and lot other varieties to choose from. Some aren’t even wood. Yes, there are ‘wood-look’ materials which aren’t wood. They are engineered and laminated ‘wood’ what is calledwood laminate flooring.When you think of Wooden Flooring in Coimbatore, you probably would only think about hardwood flooring. But over the past couple of decades, engineered wooden laminated floors have become popular and environment friendly. Laminated wood flooring have now become the fashion. These look much like hardwood, with a substantially lesser cost. Also that they are easier to install making it more and more popular. Ok now most of your myths about Wooden Flooring are busted, we wish you consider going for Wooden Floors for the benefits it gives us. Let us list out the benefits of wooden floors real quick.  Good quality wooden floors lasts longer  Easier to clean and maintain

 More hygienic than carpets  Gives you that rich royal looks Okay, if you are looking for Wooden Flooring in Coimbatore, look no beyond BeautyWares, a magnificent A/C showroom spread across 20,000 sq.ft at Ganapthyin Coimbatore. We always carry your desires in our minds to get you the best experience for your home needs, especially with Wooden Floorings. We bet it would be an unforgettable experience to shop for Wooden Flooring at our showroom as we are the best wooden flooring dealers in Coimbatore.