How to prevent heat loss through your windows

Although it would unpleasant to contemplate a home that doesn’t have any windows, the unfortunate fact is that most homes do lose heat through the windows in the winter months. While most people would not consider sacrificing their light and views for a reduction in energy bills, there are other methods to conserve warmth in the chilly months.

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Benefits of insulation
In a home with no insulation, nearly 20 per cent of the home’s heat is lost to the outside environment through the windows. Of course, in many homes, the radiators are often placed beneath windows, which could contribute to this. If you are wondering why radiators are generally placed beneath window, see this report in The Guardian for more information.

Heat loss can be reduced by using appropriate window furnishings. Installing windows that are more energy-efficient is another strategy. Windows that are more energy-efficient often incorporate double or even triple glazing, which forms a barrier that keeps warmth inside. Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap between them; triple glazing features three sheets of glass. The gaps can be filled with a gas that helps prevent heat loss.

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The glass in double or triple glazed windows can be made of different substances. Low-emissivity glass, also known as Low E, is the most efficient kind for preventing heat escape. This kind of glass frequently has a coating of metal oxide to help it preserve heat inside. The frames of the windows are important, too. Materials used can include wood, steel, aluminium, and uPVC. Sometimes frames can be a mix of these materials. Metal and uPVC are often popular as they last for many years and can also be recycled.

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Windows are an important part of the home. Attractive windows that let in a lot of light are a vital part of most domestic architecture. However, there is no reason that windows should drive up the cost of heating when there are so many energy-efficient varieties available that can also look extremely stylish.