7 Reasons – Besides Energy Savings – to Replace Your Windows

You’ve thought about replacing old windows because you want the energy savings – but you’re going to get more benefits than that. Here are 7 additional reasons to replace your windows! Light. With the protection and insulation of new windows, you probably won’t feel the need to close the blinds or shut the shutters to protect your home or keep the cold or heat out. More, many of today’s replacement may have thinner frames and wider expanses of glass so you can really let the sun shine in. UV Protection. UV protection guards against both solar heat and damaging rays. It protects the things inside your home – walls, floors, furnishings and, more importantly, you and your family from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Aesthetics. The windows in your home are part of its appeal – they provide visual interest from both inside and out. You can choose a design that ads a focal point or striking feature to your home. Most of all, you’re just going to enjoy a clear, non-distorted view from your favorite window. Air flow. You’re thinking how tight and solid your new windows will be – and they will be. Consider, though, that they are designed to open effortlessly, whether you’re opening them up wide or just a little to give you ventilation. Since replacement windows will come with new screens, you can open them up and enjoy the outdoor air without worrying about the bugs who used to find a way into your home through the cracks and breaks in your old screens. Nosie Reduction. The higher quality of today’s windows and their installation by an expert window contractor will reduce outside noise and increase your privacy because the neighbors won’t be listening to what’s going on in your home. Depending on the age and style of windows you are replacing, it may be a very big difference. Easy Maintenance. Just like everything else, window manufacturing and design has benefitted from new technologies. You’re going to get new windows that are durable and well-constructed. You’re going to find that they are easier to care for — some are designed with easier cleaning in mind. Less Dust! A tighter window that fits solidly in its frame not only insulates; it reduces dust and pollen entering your home. You’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher indoor air. Installing windows is an art. Be sure you deal with a registered, bonded and insured replacement window firm. They’ll help you select the style of windows that are best for your home and they’ll give you the assurance of providing a product that fits property and comes with a warranty!