Deciding On A Color To Paint Your Baby’s Nursery

Interior painting can already be a challenge in just about any room of the house. But when the room you plan to paint is for your newborn, the decision for choosing the right color can be even more difficult to make.

There are a number of factors to consider as you finalize your ultimate choice, all of which must be brought into account before you purchase one can of paint or call a painting company richmond to do the work for you.

The Room

Among the first factors you need to consider is the room itself. Whether you’re turning an existing room into the nursery or you’ve built a whole new space for the baby to sleep, the size of that space will play a role in the color you decide to use. A room that is big or small can be significantly affected by the color and make that room appear larger than it really is or much smaller. All because of the color you’ve painted it.

How much light does the room receive? This is also a major component for selecting a color to paint the nursery. Rooms with a multitude of windows that offer plenty of light might benefit from choosing darker hues and tones as lighter colors can expand the size of the space visually.

Using Accents

Sometimes picking the right color can lead to indecision or compromise. Smaller rooms in particular might benefit the most through the use of accent walls and accessories as these can allow you to incorporate a color you may be on the fence about or feel as if may be unsuitable for use in the entire room.

The thing about accent walls is they are ideal for incorporating some depth and fooling the eye into thinking that a small room is actually larger. So let’s say you love the color red but feel it might be too bold or overwhelming for the nursery. You can opt to paint one single wall and red go with something softer or more neutral around the rest of the room.

Accessories can also be helpful by adding bold and colorful touches to the room that will complement the lighter, less risky color you may eventually decide to use instead.

Softer vs. Darker

Colors such as blue, green, the aforementioned red, and even brown are all good options but you need to think about the best influences that color might have on the infant. Scientific experts suggest that colors can be rather influential on a child’s mood, behavior, sleep patterns, and overall health.

So if you’re considering going with something like blue or green, you may want to choose the softer, more pastel versions instead of deeper, darker hues. Studies show that choosing lighter shades are best for promoting rest, relaxation, and a calmer disposition. Anything on the deep or severe side may have the opposite effect and agitate your baby for the long term. Even neutral colors can have a beneficial effect, with earthy tones reducing the amount of stimulation around the child.