The Time Is Running Out! Think About These are the Ways To Change Your Duct Temperature Sensors

It is the most efficient regulation system and above all the most “intelligent” thermally speaking, allowing an optimized reaction at the right time! The energy savings achieved by an installation can thus represent 10 to 25% of your annual heating expenses. But this type of regulation is often ignored and therefore misunderstood and feared by consumers. Find out below the advantages of regulation with an outside temperature sensor.

What is an outdoor sensor for heating?

Given that the outside temperature varies throughout the day, the thermal (heating) needs of a home or a building are not constant either: depending on the outside temperature, it is necessary to heat more or less. It is therefore necessary to adapt as best as possible the return of heat in the building.

However, the regulatory devices that are generally encountered do not allow it or do so imprecisely, which leads in particular to unnecessary overconsumption, discomfort, and premature wear:

  1. The boiler burner is activated at the request of a simple room thermostat: discomfort, wear;
  2. The generator is kept at constant temperature: losses;
  3. The generator temperature is modulated only by a room thermostat: lack of anticipation and optimization.

On the other hand, the Duct Temperature Sensorsis an electronic device which will permanently adapt the water temperature of the heating circuit to variations in the external temperature according to the energy or power requirements actually necessary to maintain a certain internal temperature. The blackhawk supply outside sensor measures and records variations in the outside temperature and transmits it to the regulation of your boiler or your heat pump. The heating generator can thus anticipate variations in the climate and adapt, without delay or overconsumption of energy, the room temperature (temperature setpoint set by the occupants of the room) according to the needs or demands of the room control, without that you have to worry about it.