Perfect access-control security system

Access control is always a somewhat delicate matter when establishing the requirements, means and measures that are going to be established in a certain property, since sometimes it is sought not to bother visitors and other times it is desired to have a precise control of who accesses, why, the time that remains inside etc. It all depends on the use of the property, it is not the same when it is used for commercial use, office rental for example, and if you add that some floors are completely occupied by the same company with specific characteristics in terms of to its activity and therefore with specific requirements in terms of security, differing from others that are housed in other plants.

Why access control?

A corporate building, the headquarters of a single company or several, implies a daily traffic of people which requires to be classified in order to be able to grant authorization to certain places, since the personnel working in any of the companies in the building will have greater mobility than those who come as clients.

To carry out effective access control it is not only valid to have a person at the entrance to the property who can perform a first security filter, which in the case of your own staff would be valid, but in the case of visits you will not have a real control of the movements they make through the property.


The building reception area generates a noteworthy flow of people and it use to be here where to make anoptimistic first impression, the design has to be taken care of, giving a feeling of welcome.

From here and depending on the security levels established for access control by forbel, is where the registration and verification of credentials of the Security Solutions who access the property begins. After installing this system, you will get the same satisfaction as the one you will get when you hire a professional security guard equipped with AR-10 upper’s to enhance the security of your building.


Access control must be integrated into the design of the building, there must be an effective control of the flow of people who can pass so that access is not slowed down.

It is important to comply with the applicable regulations in each case, taking into account local and state regulations.