4 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Help Your Space Glow

Every homeowner is looking for a certain glow to make their home look great at night. But super outdoor lighting is about more than just aesthetics, the right outdoor lighting can also serve the purpose of keeping your home and everyone and everything inside of it completely safe.

So when you are considering multiple outdoor lighting ideas you will want to consider these four lighting tips to help your property’s exterior look its best with plenty of illumination.

1.Matching Your Home’s Exterior Décor

It starts with understanding how best to make your lighting match or, at the very least, complement the exterior of the home itself. This means you should take into consideration a number of vital factors from the architectural style of the home to the landscaping that surrounds it.

In order to achieve a true glow, you must realize that the areas where you place your light should be positioned towards creating a certain aesthetic while also remaining practical. For instance, you can do a lot of good in lighting your backyard by accentuating specific features of it, say an old oak tree for instance. Placing spotlights beneath the tree, aimed up directly at it, can create a dramatic silhouette against the outer wall of the house. You’re increasing curb appeal while allowing for an overall reduction of night in the yard, allowing your friends and family better visibility when they spend time out there after dark.

2. Identifying the Best Placement

Selecting the areas you wish to illuminate at night can also play a large role in achieving the right glow for your home’s exterior. A good place to start is by auditing all of the areas where you and your family and guests wish to enjoy additional living space outside. A patio, a deck, perhaps even by the pool, or simply positioning your fixtures around the yard can make your home stand out among the rest once the sun goes down.

3. Choice of Fixtures

Picking out the right fixtures can make all the difference between getting that glow you want and dousing the property in too much light. So, when you decide what areas need illumination, you can choose the best fixtures for the job. For some areas that might be string lights for others you may need pendants or wall lights.

Walkways are an important area that are crucial to getting the lighting right, so you can choose post lighting with one or multiple bulbs to create a glow across the front of the property while providing enough visibility for anyone to move safely from point A to point B in the dark.

4. Make It Your Own

You can look for all kinds of ideas online, in magazines, even in your neighborhood but at the end of the day you need to create a lighting scheme that is going to make you happy. Be original and unique even if you find inspiration from other sources. At the end of the day you’re going to be living with this glow, so make it your own.